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Industrial HumiCon

Industrial Humicon
  • Existing dehumidifier is based on cooling dehumidification
  • In an integrated dehumidifier, the dehumidified air is heated in a condenser arrangement and discharged at a high temperature of about 45 ° C
  • In a separate type dehumidifier, most of the condenser heat is discharged to the outdoor unit and a reheating condenser is installed in the indoor unit to control
    the discharge air to a suitable temperature
  • The dehumidification amount is about 5g / kg regardless of the dehumidifier type, and the dew point temperature can not be lowered lower than10℃
  • When the dehumidification load is large the supply air volume must be increased because the supply humidity can not be lowered than a limit
  • HumiCon lowers humidity without temperature change based on desiccant dehumidification
  • HumiCon has a dehumidification amount of 10g / kg and can lower the dew point temperature to 0℃ or less without other regenerative heat source.